Travel Program Coordinator

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Job Description

This position is responsible for ensuring the highest quality guest experience in everything we do every day. Ensure that the policies and procedures for trips in their assigned division are accurate, well thought out, thoroughly documented, and communicated to staff and management. Manage the safe, efficient, and quality operation of assigned trips to achieve the goals of Bushtracks.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Works closely with guests to design tour itineraries, prepare pre-departure trip documents, and implement trip operations.
Handles all aspects of the trip to ensure safety, efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability, including coordinating logistics, communicating with vendors and guests, processing client information and payments, and ensuring that insurance and government regulatory requirements are met.
Develops and manages within a budget for each trip.
Uses Tourplan reservation system software.
Responds within 24 hours/5 days a week to live customer inquiries received through any channel.
Assists in maintaining the Bushtracks Contact Management System database and Bushtracks website.
Analyzes guest evaluations to refine and improve future departures.
Ensures that all sales, promotion, and operations materials are accurate.
Assists with special marketing and product development projects.
Develops a thorough knowledge of the areas in Africa and every destination in which Bushtracks operates, and the associated supplier products that Bushtracks utilizes in order to further assist client inquiries.
May carry the 24/7 duty mobile on a rotating basis.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Key Results:

Consistency, integrity and continuity of Division programs.
New trip development, including sound budgets and well-designed itineraries.
Efficient and thorough procedures for trips within assigned Division.
Oversight and/or implementation of marketing activities to key customers.
Accurate and timely completion of reservation procedures for assigned trips.
Sound fiscal management of assigned trips.
Safe and efficient implementation of trip operations.
Strong working relationships with partners and vendors.
Sales of departures and new trips.
Customer satisfaction.

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