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Healdsburg SDAT Town Hall Meeting

August 16, 2018

The team from the American Institute of Architects came to the High School Gymnasium on Monday August 13 and invited the community to share their thoughts. They asked these questions:
  1. Where do you live and where do you work? 
  2. Healdsburg is __ ? 
  3. As we change and grow, what characteristics do we want to protect, and what do we want to change? 
  4. In 20 years, if Healdsburg succeeds, what is the national headline? And, if it doesn't change, what's the headline? 
  5. What will you do to bring more interaction with people that are not like you? 
  6. Who are the groups we need to provide housing for?
  7. If you had 1000 volunteers, what project would you do?
  8. Do you have other thoughts or ideas?
They took several thousand responses and went to work to develop a vision for a sustainable future. They were working to create a realistic and attainable roadmap to get there. Over 500 people came to the gym that night and interacted with the team, one another, and shared the ideas their questions generated.

The team went to work on Tuesday morning to respond to the community’s ideas and concerns. They addressed the comments grouped into four major areas: A Master Plan and Land Use, Connectivity, Arts and Culture, and Housing. On Wednesday, August 15th, they came back to the gym and shared the outline of their thoughts. To view the slideshow presentation and Roadmap to the Future, click here . More than 300 people were excited by the ideas and many signed up to support and participate in implementation. New levels of cooperation across the community were imagined and possible. Many left with a renewed and shared sense of the whole community working together to make the desired changes. Now begins implementation and partnering with the City, the business community, and residents who care and are concerned about the future of Healdsburg.

Bring your energy to the implementation team and register with the survey here .

To view the slideshow presentation, click here.

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