Healdsburg Works: Max Machinery

September 03, 2018
Healdsburg Works: Max Machinery


Max Machinery, Inc. has been in business and part of the Healdsburg community for over 50 years.  As a technically focused company, we support the local schools in STEM education through donations and by supporting local science fairs.  We are committed to environmental sustainability as 100% of our electricity is solar power generated from our facility’s rooftop and parking arrays.

Max Precision Flow Meters provide high accuracy liquid measurement from 0.005 cc/min. to 500 liters/min.  Focused on low flow and intermittent flow, Max flow meters measure challenging industrial liquid applications throughout the world.  Aerospace, automotive, chemical, and fluid power markets rely on our performance and reliability to improve the quality of their products.  From the fuel mileage of your automobile, to the sour egg odor of your natural gas, to the absorbency of your baby’s diapers, to the peanut butter in your sandwich, Max Precision Flow Meters measure your world.

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