Healdsburg Works: Golden Gate Cider

June 04, 2019
Healdsburg Works: Golden State Cider

We started our cidery in 2012 on a small organic apple farm in Northern California and sold the golden liquid exclusively at Bay Area Farmer’s Markets for the first couple of years, alongside the dry-farmed, heirloom apples that were used to make them from Devoto Orchards in Sebastopol. The ciders quickly earned a strong reputation by showcasing top quality apples and exploring the vast range of flavors that apples can produce. Soon, cider making became a full-time obsession and Golden State Cider was born from the same ethos that we started with: great cider starts with quality fruit. That’s why we let the fruit speak for itself. We're driven by quality in all aspects of the cider making process and are fascinated by the range of flavors and profiles that the apple can produce.

Today, our brand is still based in agriculture and we continue to make 100% fresh-pressed, apple driven dry ciders in Sonoma County. Golden State Cider now creates three unique tiers of cider in Healdsburg:

Core Series: Mighty Dry, Gingergrass, Brut, Mighty Hops and soon to launch Hamaica
- 100% West Coast Grown Apples
- Champagne Yeast
- Only Natural Ingredients Used
- Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free
- Focus on Consistent Quality

Harvest Series: Save the Gravenstein, Fool’s Gold, Elder Tree
- Celebrate the rich Apple history of Sebastopol
- Continue the fight to keep local apples in the ground
- Terroir Education: Gold Ridge Loam is equally as impressive for Apples as it is for Pinot Noir
- Use of Experimental Yeasts decided by the specific expression of the apples in the cider

California Farms Series: Arkansas Black, Newtown Pippin, Rhode Island Greening
- Work in partnership with heritage CA Apple Orchards & Farmers across the state to share their unique apples & story
- Elevate Apples- Save these amazing apple varieties from apple sauce, juice boxes, vinegar
- Provide an authentic orchard experience from a Keg or Can
- Celebrate vintage diversity each Harvest

With our Californian apple heritage firmly rooted in Wine Country, we are very pleased to have this facility in Healdsburg. We've found inspiration from our wine and beer making brethren and adopted a philosophy where bench-mark quality and efficiency drive our entire process, from orchard to can. Our style is to showcase the great diversity of the apple and always shine light on the unique fruit character above all else. The taste of our craft ciders speak for themselves.

You can always count on Golden State Ciders to be vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and made with no concentrates. It's all the stuff you want and nothing you don't.

Our Team Founders: Jolie Devoto & Hunter Wade, CEO: Chris Lacey, Head Cidermaker: Tim Godfre, Dir. of Finance & Human Resources: Natalie Nabe, Dir. of Sales: Gary Fleshman.

three people standing behind business sign that says golden state cider with a picture of an otter.

stacked cans of golden state cider on palettes

stacked cans of golden state cider on palettes being moved by a forklift in a warehouse.

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