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Spirits Rising Exhibit

September 19, 2018
Your next big discovery in gift giving and art collecting just pulled up at 126 Matheson in Healdsburg. Sandwiched between Oakville Grocery and Williamson Family wines at 126 Matheson, Hopscotch Gifts & Gallery specializes in handcrafted, 100% American Made exceptional gifts and art. Featuring work from all over the country they also proudly exhibit Sonoma County work.  From textiles to glassware, ceramics to jewelry, furniture to paintings, the store has a rich collection to suit any taste. It is one of the newest Healdsburg galleries and is located right off the Healdsburg Plaza. 

Gallery owner, Kay Young smiles as she tells you “If you are searching for what has not been found before we are your new best friend. Our feel-good shopping experience offers our customers an Optimism Revolution of gift giving.”

The small gift gallery spent two years in Jack London Village in charming Glen Ellen prior to the 2017 Firestorms. Young recalls not even being able to access her store for twenty three days while the last of the local fires were being put out in Glen Ellen. When the fires hit the town hard, she knew they would have to close up shop. Then on November 6th she and her previous business partner were in Healdsburg to have an old fashioned wake for the store. They had met at Willi’s Seafood for dinner and drinks as they celebrated all the positive good their Glen Ellen store had done for local art. Later, Young was standing at the corner of Matheson right in front of the Oakville Grocery. She was wistfully looking around at the cute storefront windows of other merchants admiring their signs and awnings. She said it was almost like a Hallmark movie when she silently said to herself, “I wish I had my store here in Healdsburg!” Immediately there was a small thought she picked up on in her head that instructed her to go look for storefronts a half block on the side streets around the plaza for a new store location. She turned her head and saw an awning for the now closed Options store at 126 Matheson. They walked over to that storefront and in the window there was a sign that read, “Gallery Closing. Inquire Within.” Five minutes later they were in an engaging lively conversation with Options storeowner Sue Sacks. Within an hour a deal was struck and Young became the new tenant for that location. Her store Hopscotch Gifts & Gallery opened on January 12, 2108.  

Young is having her first art exhibit “Spirits Rising” to celebrate the collective positive spirit after the 2017 Firestorm. The show runs from September 7 through October 14.

Curated by Young, this local exhibit celebrates our collective Sonoma Strong heart and soul through photography, glass, paintings, sculpture, mixed media, and jewelry. Over thirty artists have been chosen for this collection of memorable positive strength, rebuilding, and perseverance of mind, body, and spirit. An uplifting group statement of love and hope. Some of the thirty participating artists include Mylette Welch, Kathy Timberlake (Healdsburg), Maggie Young, Dianna Badalament (Healdsburg), Rachel Forbis, Debbie Foreaker, Patrick Carney, Marlene Ortiz-Smith, Debbie Arambula, Sten Hoiland, Maggie Henry,  and Mandy Bankson.

For more information you can call the gallery at 707-431-8861.Gallery hours are 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. daily.

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